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General Dentistry

Cleanings, Fillings, Radiographs (x-rays), Night Guards, Dentures, Partials....  We can help you.

Our goal is to help you achieve a higher level of health, and where you go from there is up to you.  Without good oral health, it is amazing how hard it is to keep the rest of your body healthy.  Don't be surprised if you have a happier, more active life style when you take good care of your mouth. 

I provides tooth colored fillings to all of my patients.  Many times, when a cavity is caught early enough, less tooth can be removed than when other materials are used.  This helps to reduce problems later on when a filling needs to be replaced in the future.  More tooth now, means more tooth later.  Plus they look great.

What about children?

We love to care for kids.  I make a point of making sure all our little people get extra gentle care.  I want to make sure that we do everything we can to make going to the dentist a fun.  For their initial exam, we take x-rays that look for cavities between teeth, and one to check their future development.  I count their teeth, looking for cavities, then give a thorough cleaning.  The rest of the exam involves looking for signs of disease, crowding/ developmental issues (need for braces), and making sure they know what is going on so they don't worry about what is coming next.  We always invite parents to come back after the exam to show any findings, get referrals to specialists, and make sure their child had a great time.

Cleaning teeth

Appropriate cleanings are an essential part of everyone's health care.  Children benefit greatly, especially if they have not gotten into the habit of using proper techniques and/ or cleaning frequently enough.  Adults are similar, and both will benefit from our oral hygiene instruction. Every new patient to our office receives personalized instruction from me on how to best care for themselves on a daily basis. Even after this instruction, you will need to return on a regular basis. 2-6 month re-care appointments are the typical range suggested to maintain good health.  You are human after all, and you will miss a spot, even if you are doing a super job.

X-Rays...  We use digital radiography.  What does this mean?  First, it means less radiation.  The typical day at the beach, or flight cross country exposes you to more harmful energy than our x-rays, so there is little to worry about.  What we would miss without the images are much more dangerous and can even be life threatening if we can't see them.  Plus, we are able to place the images on a flat screen monitor and let you see what we see.



We know that everyone has the potential to have a dental emergency.  We would love to help you take care of whatever needs to be done to remedy the situation.  Whether it is from avoiding the care you need, or an accident, getting you treated to relieve pain is always the prime objective.  While medicine can relieve some symptoms, treatment is almost always the correct method of dealing with a problem.  When you call for an emergency appointment, rest assured that you will be seen as soon as we can get you in while still doing our best at keeping our prior appointments on time. 






When a cavity is caught early on, often I am able to remove the decay and fill the tooth without numbing the area or causing pain.  It takes a few more minutes, but many people find it worthwhile to avoid having a fat lip the rest of the morning. 

We only place tooth colored fillings in our practice.  So if you need a filling replaced, yes, it will be tooth colored. Typically, we advise against removing a filling that is still in good shape, even if it is silver.  Over time, any filling will need to be replaced, and each time, the hole gets slightly bigger.  By removing a serviceable filling, we are going to lose more tooth structure sooner.  This is best handled on a per case basis, but again, it is typically best to wait for the filling to need replacement prior to removal.

The biggest reason is that we don't know what type of cleaning you might need before we complete your exam.  For children, we do schedule a new patient exam and cleaning at the same time.  It is rare that someone under 17 would require more than a polish cleaning to keep up with their  needs.

Adults are a different story altogether.  There are a number of different situations that could present, depending on your condition, that would make it impossible to spend the amount of time we need to perform a new patient exam, and provide the appropriate cleaning.  Some adults need to have what is called a debridement.  In this case, there is so much build up around their teeth and gums, that a determination of the condition of the teeth and gums is impossible.  We debride the teeth, removing large areas of debris and buildup, and reappoint for around a week later to make a determination on your condition. 

Another scenario could be someone who has periodontal disease and a polish cleaning is not appropriate to treat their condition.  In fact a polish alone is a waste of their money and is not indicated.

Finally, there is a chance that you could get by with just a polish cleaning, but to make sure we keep on schedule for those following you and to have the time needed to make sure you are properly cared for, we will have you back as soon as you can come to have the polish completed.


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