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Learn About LANAP™

LANAP™ (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) began being developed nearly twenty years ago.  Two dentists were urged by their patients to use lasers to treat their gum disease.  Together they developed what we now call LANAP™.  They started off using other peoples lasers, dozens of lasers, and had some promising results. They were hindered by the limitations of the equipment they were using. so they designed their own, the PerioLase© Laser.  The PerioLase® Laser is the only laser capable of performing LANAP™ due to the design of the laser and requirements of the treatment.  This laser is different that any other laser in the dental field that I know of.  It was designed for a specific treatment from the beginning.  Most lasers are put together by engineers, then dentists have to work around the limitations the engineers built in to the laser.  After a number of years refining the LANAP™ technique, and training other dentists who were getting similar results, they decided it was time to take the next step.  In 2004 they obtained FDA clearance for marketing LANAP™ as a treatment for the often debilitating gum disease, Periodontitis.  This put LANAP™ in the position of being the ONLY FDA cleared laser procedure for treating Periodontitis.  The study used for the approval showed that LANAP™ actually allowed the gums to regenerate the same connection between your teeth and gums that you had prior to having periodontal disease.

This is a disease that affects about half the adult population, so you are not alone. 

There are many reasons people don't treat their gum disease.  Here is a short list of them.

Fear from not knowing all your options

Fear from not knowing just how bad things are

You have never been diagnosed, but still believe you have signs of Periodontitis

You have heard horror stories from people who have had surgery to treat their gum disease

You think it would be cheaper to just let your teeth fall out over time, than to treat it now

You just don't care

I can help you with the first five, but if you don't care, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. 

Stop putting off taking care of red, irritated, swollen, bleeding gums.  Loose teeth, shifting bite and chronic bad breath are not healthy signs.  If you smoke, more than likely, your condition is much worse than you would suspect.  Come in to see if LANAP™ can help you reach a better level of health.


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If you think you could benefit from LANAP™, don't let yourself ignore this offer.


What Does LANAP™ Do?

Kills the Bacteria
The laser energy selectively kills bad bacteria in your gums.  Not only the ones the fiber touches, but even others that are in the vicinity of the laser.

Eliminates Inflammation
Gums that were swollen, puffy and scary looking are tight to the bone and pink.

Regenerates Tissue
By creating a healthy environment for your body to heal, connective tissue and bone can and often do regenerate.

Loose Teeth Firm Up
By The combination of tissue regeneration and changing the way your teeth hit together so they "play nice" with each other allows your teeth to get a more secure hold in your jaw.





What if you live somewhere else?

If you are less that 3 hours away, you may be closer to us than any other LANAP dentist.

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